About Us

Welcome and thanks for visiting our shop, Eclectic Upcycle, previously known as Vintage Trim Masters.

Keeping It Green Is Our Motto

Did you notice that our products are both eclectic and environmentally friendly?

Our background is as general contractors and home re-modelers in Northeast Ohio. (Allied Remodeling is our company name.) Several years ago, we started practicing green deconstruction; the orderly and selective disassembly of a house or just part of a house, saving select components for re-use or recycling.  We reduce our carbon footprint by diverting the construction materials from landfills. This is a whole different type of demo day!

As creative craftspeople, we realized that there were also opportunities to up-cycle some of those architectural elements and materials. All of our home décor products were created directly from those projects. 

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In a nut shell we are people who love to create and up-cycle. It is a really cool thing to start out with materials that would normally have been discarded and create something beautiful & unique out of those materials. We love nature, animals, planet earth, cycling, good food & fine wine. - We Are Just Keeping It Green.

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