Animal Lovers


We are animal lovers here at Eclectic Upcycle and have created a special collection of handcrafted items just for you and your pets.

All of our wood creations are handmade in our shop; and, as much as possible from sustainable, recyclable and/or reclaimed materials. Since we use materials available to us at the time of creation, no two items are exactly alike. Wood species will vary as will the final stain color.  All of our collar and leash hooks are made from *Old-growth lumber (100 year old wood). Our sister company, Allied Remodeling, deconstructed several homes in Northeast Ohio. We saved the lumber from these homes and we created these one of kind collar and leash hooks.

*Old-growth lumber is somewhat rare in this day and age. It is from trees that grew naturally in virgin forests. It is a much denser/heavier wood. New wood simply does not compare.