Drywall Art Vintage Playboy Comics December 1978 - Kiraz

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Vintage Playboy Comics "I'll toss you to see who takes the evidence away from her" Playboy December 1978 - Kiraz

We adhered this vintage Playboy comic to upcycled drywall, using decoupage. 

We upcycled this drywall from a home remodeling project by our sister company, Allied Remodeling.

Prior to shipping, this item is carefully wrapped in kraft tissue paper, then secured with twine and a reclaimed wooden gift fob.

The drywall has been painted gloss onyx. It has a unique, rustic look and feel.

This humorous plaque would look great on a wall or in a picture frame holder.

Dimensions: 7" x 10" x 3/4"

For more information regarding this project and our recycling process please visit our blog page @ http://www.eclecticupcycle.com/blog/drywall-artreally/