Drywall Art Vintage Playboy Gallery 1984 Playmate of The Year Barbara Edwards

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Drywall Art Vintage Playboy Gallery  Featuring 1984 Playmate of The Year Barbara Edwards

We adhered this vintage Playboy Magazine page to upcycled drywall, using decoupage. 

We upcycled this drywall from a home remodeling project by our sister company, Allied Remodeling.

Photo was taken by Helmut Newton for Playboy Magazine.

The drywall has been painted gloss onyx with black glitter on the edges.

It has a rustic feel and look.

This sexy plaque would look great on a wall or in a picture frame holder.

Dimensions:11" x 7 1/2"""

For more information regarding this project and our recycling process please visit our blog page @ http://www.eclecticupcycle.com/blog/drywall-artreally/