Reclaimed Wood Decorative Man Cave Sign

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Reclaimed Wood Decorative Man Cave Sign

This unique, one-of-a-kind art piece is the perfect blend of old growth wood (100 year old wood) and wooden letters. We upcycled this beautiful piece of wood and created a perfect sign for the man in your life. This piece of wood was headed for a landfill. We decided to upcycle it.

Hand crafted in our shop, fully assembled and carefully hand stained for a rustic looking finish. Comes complete with two hooks on the back for easy mounting.

The wood is old growth therefore it has dings, dents and a few scratches. The word man has been stained with a cherry colored stain, the word cave has been stained with an oak colored stain to create depth and the cool two tone look.

Dimensions: 25" Length  x 9 3/4" Width x 3/4" Depth

If you have any questions regarding this item or would like more pictures please contact us.

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