Unique Artwork

Creating Art from Upcycled Drywall? Yes, we came up with this idea. Why?

Well for starters we thought it would be pretty cool and of course it is unique that is for sure. It is also fantastic for our planet. Our sister company, Allied Remodeling, (a home remodeling company) uses a lot of drywall. We don't like filling up landfills with surplus pieces of drywall, so we came up with these cool products. 


Just an FYI when gypsum drywall is disposed in landfills, a series of biological and chemical reactions can occur that have the potential for adverse environmental impacts. For more information regarding the need to recycle drywall check out our blog @ http://www.eclecticupcycle.com/blog/drywall-artreally/

It is important to recycle drywall. We are doing our part in a little way, however, it all adds up. We came up with our first drywall art products. - Recycled drywall with vintage ads and various comics from Playboy Magazines; artwork that is fun, creative, humorous and good for the environment.