Wood Witch Hat Hook - Orange

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Wood Witch Hat Hook -  Orange -  On Sale - Save 50%

We have upcycled leftover wood to create this product. Initially the lumber from this hat hook was being used on a home remodeling project by our sister company; Allied Remodeling.

We did not want to dispose of the leftover wood (yet adding more waste to our landfills), therefore we created this interesting hat hook.

This item has been hand painted, creating a unique and one of a kind style.

The hat is black, green and purple with black and purple glitter. 

Dimensions 14 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 2"

Double Satin Black Hook

(2) standard, ready to mount, “D” ring strap type mounting hardware (holds up to 15 pounds total when mounted into solid wood or wood studs).

Photo props are not included.